THE MINIVERS #2: The Minivers in Danger

Meet the Minivers. They’re TV-star princesses – rich, famous, talented and beautiful. And they’re only two feet tall! But now Rosamund and Emily Miniver are running for their lives. The mini-megastars of the kingdom of Artemesia have lost their home, their possessions, their fortune – and very nearly, their lives. The evil Madame is out to destroy them, newspapers run horrible stories about them, and sinister enemies are telling the world that they’re just spoiled freaks. Now the tiny, plucky sisters must hatch a daring plan to strike back against their enemies… More derring-do with the sassy sisters in the thrilling, surprising and always entertaining sequel to The Minivers on the Run!

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  • This is a good book I read it a few days ago and I loved it

    9 March 2014

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