Tales of the Greek Heroes

THE classic book of myths, introduced by Rick Riordan. Share your world with ancient gods. When do Greek heroes get us even more excited than usual? When they’re in these classic tales by Roger Lancelyn Green. Heroes with all the might and power of Zeus, King of the Heavens. Stories to make the whole world tremble, lyrically retold. Who needs Batman and Superman? As Rick Riordan explains, the warriors in this book were the superheroes of old. “Face fire-breathing bulls and many-headed dragons. Meet clever sorceresses, treacherous centaurs, jealous gods and evil kings.” Or stay at home and be boring. It’s your choice.

  • The classic retellings by Roger Lancelyn Green
  • One of the most famous books of myths in the world
  • Introduced by Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan
  • This book inspired Rick to become a bestselling writer

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