Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants Attack Activity Book

Booyakasha! Put down that slice of pizza and grab your pens and press-out masks. Tackle games, puzzles and evil mutants – turtle stye! Mutants are loose in Manhattan. There’s no time to lose. The turtles must stop these gross critters before the city is overrun. So don’t just stand there – help out! Grab your masks (and your mates) to play the roles of Mikey, Leo, Raph or Donnie! Or shred your brain with cool puzzles and activities. Great for kids and turtles. Totally deadly for mutants!

  • Includes four press-out masks of the turtle heroes
  • Packed with puzzles, games and activities
  • Thrilling action quest to save Manhattan
  • Masks are perfect for imaginative play

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