Ten Chuckling Ducklings

Ten chuckling ducklings are waddling in a line. But when their farmyard friends arrive, some get left behind! As children read this cute story, their fingers can explore and count ten squashy rubber ducklings, which vanish one by one on every page. Just when it seems that all of them are gone, Mummy Duck rounds them up with a great big ‘Quack’ – and they suddenly reappear again! Hurray! This is a great way to practise counting and subtracting from one to ten, and there’s even a quacking sound button to make fabulous noises with. Quack! Quack!

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  • Sally Crabtree

    Sally Crabtree is a writer, poet, musician and performance artist who has already collaborated on several books for children for Campbell Books and Macmillan amongst others.

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