Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Unicorn

It’s ten minutes to bed. But Twinkle the lively unicorn doesn’t feel like sleeping. Her dad is counting down the minutes to bedtime. But Twinkle won’t listen – she’s too busy dancing! ‘Nine minutes to bed’, says Dad. ‘Let’s try to be quiet.’ But – oh dear! Twinkle is causing a riot! Set in a magical world of marshmallow clouds and pink sugar sand, this lovely book is perfect for mini sleepyheads. Maybe you’re not tired yet. It doesn’t matter. Nor is Twinkle. But by the end of the story, you’ll curl up all snug and say ‘aaaaah’...

  • An enchanting rhyming bedtime story full of unicorns
  • Lilting text, adorable pictures and a magical setting
  • Wonderful reviews – parents and little ones love this
  • Sweet artwork in pretty and calming pastel shades

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