Ever since Marty and Grace’s parents disappeared on an assignment for a nature magazine, the twins have been living with their eccentric Uncle Wolfe. He’s a scientist fascinated by cryptids – creatures that appear in myths but haven’t been proven to exist, like the Loch Ness Monster. Now Uncle Wolfe is planning an expedition to New Zealand to track down a rare giant squid. But when Marty and Grace set sail on his ship, they’re soon plunging deep into danger. Not only does the ship seem to be haunted, but someone on board is determined to sabotage the mission. And if Marty and Grace keeping poking their noses in, they might end up as the saboteur’s next victims… A terrifying nautical adventure from the author of Jungle Hunters.

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  • This was an exciting fast paced book. It is overflowing with spies, dinosaurs and rotten food. The plot was gripping and a tiny bit hard to understand if you haven’t read the first book. This was one of the best books I have ever read and this is a great read for anyone. Five star.

    George, age 12.

    12 July 2011

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  • Roland Smith

    Author is a zoo-keeper turned author who lives on a farm near Portland, Oregon. He has done thousands of schools visits and is well established in the US. http://www.rolandsmith.com/

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