Terraria: The Ultimate Survival Handbook

Welcome to Terraria! It might look pretty, but don’t get too cosy. Slimes, zombies and demon eyes are all waiting to kill you! Don’t want to say goodbye as soon as you’ve arrived? Then get protected with this survival guide. Full of gaming inspiration and step-by-step tutorials, it’ll help you survive those risky first hours. Boo shucks to danger! Learn to mine, build a base and craft the tools and weapons you’ll need. Plus: find out how to take those pesky monsters down!

  • All you need to know about staying alive in Terraria
  • Key survival skills that open up the rest of the game
  • Introduces basic combat, exploration and building
  • Robust and portable mini colour hardback format

“It really does have everything you could possibly need!” Python (YouTube gamer)

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