The Adventures of Alfie Onion

Alfie Onion isn’t meant to be a hero. It’s his big brother, Magnifico Onion, who is destined to go on a great quest. All the gold, jewels, fame and glory are meant for Magnifico. Okay: Alfie is tagging along too, but only to lift his brother’s luggage. But guess what? Magnifico isn’t half the hero he’s cracked up to be. (Big surprise.) Step in Alfie, who is smart, brave and funny. He’s helped by his loyal dog, a talking horse and two meddling magpies. But will he be able to save the day – and his brother?

  • A charming new fairy tale by classic author Vivian French
  • Hilarious illustrations by talented newcomer Marta Kissi
  • “Fresh, funny… oodles of comic appeal” – The Bookseller
  • Vivian’s magical books include the Knight in Training series

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  • Awards

    Vivian French won the Stockton Children’s Book of the Year award for Robe of Skulls.

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