The Boys' Book 2: How to Be the Best at Everything Again

Do you like to be the best? Do you want to impress everyone and master everything? You’ve come to the right place. This book will teach you fascinating things such as: how to ride a camel; how to do a rain dance; how to write a rap; how to abseil; how to fall like a stuntman; how to dam a river; how to start your own country; how to escape from an angry bull; how to walk a tightrope; how to make an igloo out of sugar; how to make a top secret safe; how to celebrate scoring a goal; and how to make a lava lamp. It’s a book of cool things to do, cunning tricks to try, smart stuff to learn – and super ways to survive when the going gets tough. So make 2009 your best year yet. Get this!

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  • loved it

    I have read the other 2 boys books in the series and have thourouly enjoyed reading them.

    18 June 2012

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