The Bungle Jungle Bedtime Kiss

It was bedtime in the jungle. The moon rose overhead. ‘Give me a kiss,’ cried Little Monkey, ‘and then I’ll go to bed.’ But the kiss that Little Monkey’s mum tosses to him misses, and hits Little Elephant… and Little Leopard… and Little Zebra. Now all the baby animals have the wrong kisses. Will any of them ever get to bed? An adorable touch-and-feel bedtime story full of fuzzy patches to stroke, jungle patterns and soft-as-velvet night-time illustrations.

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  • Photo of Ronda Armitage

    Ronda Armitage

    Born in New Zealand, Ronda moved to the UK with husband David Armitage and their two young children in 1974, and has remained here ever since, working as school librarian, teacher, family counsellor and author.


    Ronda received the Esther Glenn award for The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch in 1978 and the Coventry Inspiration Book Award for A Very Strange Creature in 2013.

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