The Children of Willesden Lane

Lisa Jura is a musical prodigy who hopes to be a concert pianist. But like millions of other Jewish people’s dreams, hers are shattered when Hitler’s army marches on pre-war Vienna. Now Lisa’s parents must make a terrible choice. They can send one of their three daughters to safety in London through the Kindertransport. So they choose Lisa: the gifted one. Lisa finds herself in a home for refugee children on Willesden Lane in London, trying to survive as Blitz bombs hit. And while she yearns for her lost family, her music becomes a beacon of hope…

  • A heartwarming, heartbreaking story of music and war
  • Based on the true story of Holocaust refugee Lisa Jura
  • Follows Lisa’s escape to England on the Kindertransport
  • Written by Lisa’s daughter, who is also a concert pianist

“A deeply moving and heartfelt tale… brings tears to the reader’s eyes.” Washington Post Book World

“A tale of one young woman’s courage… hopeful, personal, and true.” Los Angeles Times

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