The Curse of Snakes: Hellion

“Something had been released into the night streets. It moved unnoticed and sucked the life from people. It caused slow painful death, but even those who could sense its presence were too scared to admit it was there. And now, with quiet deliberation, it was heading for the street where I lived.”

Red Hellion lives opposite the creepy, tightly-locked Torrington Park, or “Viper’s Green”, as the locals know it. And that’s where he meets Max – who is scaling the gates, trying to break in. Before he knows it, Red is sucked into Max’s plans to solve the mystery of his father’s sinister disappearance, which is somehow intimately connected with the park. But neither Max nor Red can guess just how greatly their lives are at risk. For the secret of the park is linked to the terrible legend of Medusa, which is silently unfolding, preparing to strike again…

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  • Great book, I love reading about Greek myths

    8 March 2014

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