The Demon Headmaster

Look into my eyes…

Moving in with the Hunter family is the start of a new life for Dinah. But her new foster-brothers don’t want her there, and school is just plain weird! Nearly all the kids are strangely well-behaved – acting like robots, and oddly keen to please the creepy headmaster. And soon Dinah finds herself saying and doing things she has no power over! Together, Dinah, Lloyd and Harvey discover the headmaster’s evil secret. Controlling the school is just the beginning. He has set his sights on taking control of the entire nation! But can the children stop his fiendish plan before time runs out?

A shiveringly spooky tale from a Carnegie Medal winner.

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  • I thought this was quite boring.

    8 March 2014

  • loved it

    I loved the first edition to the series of The Demon Hedmaster. I am looking forward to reading the others and I would definitly reccomend.+

    21 August 2012

  • okay

    its okay but not for me!!

    28 May 2010

  • loved it

    This is the oppisette of horrid Henry and the demon dinner lady

    20 May 2010

  • rubbish

    This book is terribly boring!

    18 May 2010

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  • Awards

    Gillian Cross won the Carnegie Medal for Wolf in 1990, and the Nestle Smarties and Whitbread Prizes for The Great Elephant Chase in 1992.

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