The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again

Now everything will be under my control…

It looks like a fresh start for Dinah, Lloyd and Harvey. Their dad’s got a fantastic new job, and they’ve moved to a quiet village – miles away from the Demon Headmaster! But right from the start, things aren’t quite right. There’s a weird buzzing sound near the mysterious Biogenetic Research Centre, and a creeper that just won’t stop growing. And why has the Centre got such scary security guards? When Dinah investigates, she finds herself caught in a terrifying experiment – all carefully planned by one person. This time, he’s determined that nobody will stand in his way…

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  • Awards

    Gillian Cross won the Carnegie Medal for Wolf in 1990, and the Nestle Smarties and Whitbread Prizes for The Great Elephant Chase in 1992.

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