The Demon Headmaster #3: The Revenge of the Demon Headmaster

It’s the latest craze – Hunky Parker! Suddenly people are queuing up to buy horrible Hunky t-shirts and trainers shaped like pigs’ trotters. Everyone loves Hunky. But is it just hype – or is something weird going on? Dinah and her friends are suspicious. But when they try to track down the real Hunky Parker, they realise that someone is blocking them at every turn. Someone with a sinister plan. Someone like the Demon Headmaster…

  • Part of an iconic series loved for over 35 years
  • Bursting with suspense, danger and cheeky humour
  • Everybody loves to hate this horrid headmaster
  • Gillian Cross won the Carnegie Medal for Wolf

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  • Awards

    Gillian Cross won the Carnegie Medal for Wolf in 1990, and the Nestle Smarties and Whitbread Prizes for The Great Elephant Chase in 1992.

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