The Dog: Leader of the Pack

A puppy-powered storybook from The Dog series – complete with an adorable Pug figurine! Mugsy the Pug is kind, loving – and terrified of everything. Now his owner, Tessa, has enrolled him in obedience school, and Mugsy is more frightened than ever! But if he can conquer the obstacle course and avoid getting eaten by a Pit Bull, could Mugsy end up as the leader of the pack? Packed with adorable photos and woofy, waggy puppy facts, this is the last word in cute!

Now you can also create your very own dog, play games, earn bones and explore in The Dog World !

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  • loved it

    This was fantastic – i absolutely loved it!!

    27 November 2010

  • loved it

    This book is sooo cute! It has a brilliant story and the main character is my absolute favourite animal, a pug! It has cute and funny pictures throughout and with the pictures there are little facts. Very entertaining! Also, I love the little pug figurine that comes with it!

    21 April 2010

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