The Ellie McDoodle Diaries: Have Pen, Will Travel

One girl. One sketchbook. Loads of laughs. The Dork has a new rival. Meet Ellie: the latest hotly tipped contender for the comic-strip crown. She’s fighting an unfair world with very sharp pencils. (Mightier than the sword.) Now Ellie faces a week of camping with the world’s craziest relatives. Only her trusty sketchbook can help her survive this ordeal. Ellie can handle mosquitos and poison ivy, but sharing a cabin with her horrid aunt and uncle? Plus their screaming baby? EEEK! The good news: for every nightmare moment, Ellie has a nutty sketchbook entry to make you laugh your brains out. Yay!

  • Perfect if you like Dork Diaries or the Wimpy Kid
  • Story told in the form of Ellie’s doodle scrapbook
  • Packed with witty observations and hilarious doodles
  • “Part journal, part graphic novel, all fun” – Kirkus

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