The Family from One End Street

The truly classic tale of everyday life among the seven Ruggles children, in their big, poor, noisy, happy family! Their father is a dustman and their mother a washerwoman, but even though money is tight, that doesn’t stop the children from having all sorts of fun! There’s practical, capable Lily Rose, the oldest, who is full of ‘Big Ideas’. Next is Kate, who is plain but extremely bright; and then the twins James and John, who are always getting into mischief! They are followed by Jo, who loves films, little Peg and finally baby William. With a lively family setting and heaps of wonderfully funny adventures, this warm-hearted and touching book won the Carnegie Medal in 1937.

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    This book really transported me to the world that the Ruggles family live in. Each chapter has an intriguing story to tell and I really enjoyed this book. I can’t wait to read the next ones!

    26 July 2015

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