The Flip-Flop Club: Whale Song

The three best friends are off on a whale-spotting adventure! But when one of Sunday Island’s freak storms rolls in, they’re tossed into the sea – and Tash’s precious boat, The Mojo, is shipwrecked. Stranded on an island, the girls put up a flag in the hope of being rescued. But they’re not the only ones who need rescuing – the whales have swum too close to the beach and a calf is stuck in shallow water. While Sierra sings to it to keep it calm, Tash and Elly construct a raft to float the calf back to its anxious mother. As well as reuniting the whales, there are driftwood treasures to find and beautiful underwater reefs to snorkel through, full of starfish and coral. But the sun is sinking in the sky, and they still haven’t been rescued. If nobody knows where they are, will the girls have to spend a night under the stars – alone on a deserted island?

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    This is a really adventurous book I love how they got lost on a island just like a real adventure story. This book will appeal to any kind of girl as it inculdes fashionable and modern characters and adventurous and animal mad characters.

    20 June 2013

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