The Fox in the Dark

Four adorable animals show you not to be scared of the dark in this snuggly delight. Deborah Allwright’s cuddly pictures are as soft and cosy as huddling up in a warm knitted blanket. One dark and spooky night, four animal friends are startled by a knock at the door. Rat-a-tat-tat! Is it a friend – or a fox? Rabbit, Duck, Mouse and Lamb are scared. They all squeeze into Rabbit’s house to hide. But will their foxy visitor be as scary as they think? The perfect cuddle-up: a CBeebies Bedtime Stories favourite.

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  • Deborah Allwright

    Deborah Allwright is the illustrator of best-selling picture book THE NIGHT PIRATES. Her work has attracted international acclaim.


    The Night Pirates won a Silver Award at the 2006 Practical Pre-School Awards_.

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