The Girl Who Speaks Bear

Girl? Bear? Princess? Warrior? Yanka must find out who she is… People call her Yanka the Bear. Not for the obvious reason: that she was found in a bear cave as a tiny baby. It’s because she’s so big and strong. She stands out wherever she goes. Is there a place she’ll ever fit in? Yanka tries to ignore the whispers and strange looks from the villagers. If only she was as strong inside as she is on the outside. But when she has to flee, she’s forced into a quest for answers, from icy rivers to smouldering mountains. There will be magic, danger and friendship. But will Yanka learn where she belongs?

  • New from the author of The House with Chicken Legs
  • A gloriously lyrical fantasy story of finding yourself
  • Interwoven with tales of bears, princesses and dragons
  • Carnegie Medal and Blue Peter Prize shortlisted author

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  • Awards

    The House with Chicken Legs was shortlisted for almost every major award and won several regional prizes including the Doncaster Book Award.

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