The Girl in Between

Sam doesn’t have much. Just her Ma, and herself, and the derelict mill she calls the Castle. The place where she and Ma hide out, sheltering from life on Dublin’s tough streets, running from social services. The Castle is haunted, but Sam doesn’t mind. The ghosts don’t bother her; she’s got more to fear from the living than from the dead. (Especially the men in yellow coats.) But as the authorities close in and Ma spins further out of control, Sam finds herself asking the ghosts for help – and wondering what’s real, after all…

  • A haunting and poignant debut for fans of A Monster Calls
  • Follows the trials of a hidden girl and her alcoholic mother
  • A brilliant tale of homelessness with a supernatural twist
  • From a talented new author with a brave, fresh voice

“A skillful debut presents a nuanced view of homelessness… heartbreakingly beautiful.” Kirkus

This book contains mature themes more suitable for older readers.

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