The Goozillas! Escape from the Monstrous Maze

What if you got sucked into your favourite computer game? Maybe you’d love it. But what if things got scary? Max has just sneezed so hard that he’s shot inside his tablet game, World of Slime. Eeek – slimeballs everywhere! Gross! But wait up: these slimeballs are friendly. In fact, they’re even sort of cute. But they’re in danger! They are the Goozillas, and their world is being invaded by the evil Sicklies. Bleuggh! Now Max is trapped in a monstrous maze – on a mission to escape the Lumpy Labyrinth and avoid lots of spooky ghosts…

  • A gloriously slimy caper in a full-colour graphic format
  • Hugely entertaining fun for kids who love video games
  • Experienced author who has written Angry Birds books
  • Perfect bridge between picture books and chapter books

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    5 November 2017

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