The Greatest Mysteries Ever! History's Biggest Puzzles and the People Who Made Them

Beyond baffling! Test your brain with history’s greatest real-life unsolved puzzles and riddles: all the conundrums and secrets that have teased people’s wits through the ages. Enigmas and unsolved mysteries. Codes and ciphers. Myths and legends. (Could they even be true…?) The gruesome murders of Jack the Ripper. The legend of Atlantis. The mystery of the missing Nazi gold. What actually happened in each case? Who sat for Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa? Who wrote Shakespeare’s plays? What does the Turin Shroud show? What happened to the crew of the Mary Celeste? Who was the notorious Zodiac Killer? If you can figure out the answers, let us know…

  • A bumper full-colour guide to the greatest riddles of all time
  • Bursting with facts, clues, debates and evidence to sift through
  • Fascinating range of unsolved puzzles spanning all of history
  • Hugely entertaining book that lets you try to solve each puzzle!

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