The House on Hummingbird Island

Caribbean paradise! Monkeys in the chandeliers, turtles in the bathtub and secrets behind every door! What would you do if you owned your own grand house on a tropical island, where you could do exactly as you liked? That’s Idie Grace’s life – and she’s only twelve. Total envy! Just to make you even more jealous, she’s filled it with all her favourite animals. There’s a horse in the hall, and a talking cockatoo on her shoulder. Take us there right now! It’s adios to soggy old England, and hello to palm trees, beaches and flowers. A place where hummingbirds hover, and monkeys clamber in the trees. But hush! This island holds as many secrets as it does animals. And the truth of Idie’s inheritance is the biggest secret of all…

  • Magical, sunny and charming – perfect for the beach
  • Great choice if you like Eva Ibbotson or Gill Lewis
  • Sam Angus is the author of Soldier Dog and Captain
  • She is an award-winning Carnegie Medal nominee

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  • Awards

    Sam Angus won the 2013 North East Book Award for Soldier Dog.

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