The Huge Bag of Worries

You know how worries are. They’re like a snowball: rolling along, getting bigger and bigger until one worry turns into lots. If you’ve never had one, lucky you! If you have, you’ll know what we mean. And if you’re worried right now (or think you might be in future), here’s what to do: read this book! Jenny has always been happy. But then she gets a worry. Soon it grows into a huge blue bag of worries, following her around. Her worries are there when she goes swimming. They’re there when she watches TV. They’re even there when she sits on the loo! How can she get rid of them?

  • A soothing, funny story to reassure any worried child
  • Written by leading British agony aunt Virginia Ironside
  • Charming illustrations by the best-loved Frank Rodgers
  • An ideal springboard into discussions about worries

“This book can be read millions of times when you are worried.” Books for Keeps

“The book prompted a lovely discussion and was a great way for [my son] to articulate his emotions. Fantastic book – road tested and heartedly recommended!” The Fostering Network

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