The Incredible Shrinking Girl #4: The Incredible Shrinking Girl Absolutely Loves Ancient Egypt

Being tiny is terrific when you’re travelling! Violet’s gran has won a cruise down the River Nile, and Violet and her cousin Anthony are invited. Yay! Here are some cool things about Egypt: pyramids, mummies and Nile boat trips. And here are some cool things to do in Egypt if you can shrink to scarab-size. Spy on other tourists. Sneak into hidden rooms at the museum. Oh – and solve spooky mysteries, of course. Cursed tombs, vanishing cats, sinister strangers: something’s not right on this cruise trip. Can Violet’s teeny-tiny talents solve the puzzle?

  • By the popular author of the Bella Broomstick books
  • A comical tale of being different and saving the day
  • Witty doodle artwork and a fabulously fearless heroine
  • Ideal for fans of Flat Stanley and Pippi Longstocking

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    Lou Kuenzler

    Lou Kuenzler was brought up on Dartmoor and moved to Northern Ireland to study theatre. She went on to work as a theatre director, drama lecturer and workshop leader. Lou now lives in London with her husband and their two children. @LouKuenzler

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