The Invincibles: The Piglet Pickle

This crime-busting piglet is way too cute and smart to end up as sausages. Oink! She can catch criminals, she loves bubble baths and she’ll even ride in your backpack! When Nell and Freddie save a piglet (well, steal it) from a farm, they’re just trying to stop it being turned into sausages. They know that pigs are smart. But who guessed they were THIS smart? After Nell gives the piglet a bath, it comes to live in her bedroom. And soon this clever piglet is stopping a local crime wave!

  • Funny chapter book about two cheeky kids and their pig
  • By the creative team behind The Princess and the Peas
  • Caryl Hart’s bestselling books include Whiffy Wilson
  • A heartwarming delight for newly confident readers

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  • Photo of Caryl Hart

    Caryl Hart

    Caryl Hart is the award-winning author of fantastic picture books like Supermarket Zoo and Don’t Dip Your Chips in Your Drink, Kate.


    Caryl Hart won the Sheffield and Rotherham Children’s Book Awards for Don’t Dip Your Chips in Your Drink, Kate!.

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