The Iron, the Switch and the Broom Cupboard

Nowhere is safe for Jiggy McCue… especially not the school broom cupboard which transports him to an alternative reality! When Jiggy hides in the cupboard to escape horrible teacher Mr Rice, what does he find in there? Not a lion, that’s for sure. Nor a witch. But he DOES find that he’s swapped places with a boy called Juggy… who is about to compete in the UK Extreme Ironing Championships. Arrrrgggh!

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  • its a good book

    5 March 2013

  • loved it

    This book is about Jiggy becoming Juggy and going into a different land – he has to enter a world wide ironing competition hanging upside down from a cliff. He doesn’t even know how to iron and he has only had one lesson from his mum and he didn’t listen when she taught him!! It’s so funny!

    6 March 2012

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