The It Girl: Team Awkward

Love Geek Girl? Come meet the It Girl. A dork in celeb disguise. Some people are natural celebrities. (Think J-Law.) Some people are not. (Think Anna.) Ten million fans are watching her every move. So she’d better do something she’s good at. Like, errr – team sports? It’s just not fair that everyone else has a ‘thing’. Like the new girl at school, who keeps distracting Connor with their shared love of art. So maybe sport could be Anna’s thing. Is this her chance to shine? Or to fall flat on her face – captured on camera for the world to laugh at?

  • The second hilarious story from this popular series
  • Katy won the 24:7 Theatre Festival Award for Most Promising New Comedy Writer
  • The first The It Girl book has attracted glowing reviews
  • “Fans of Geek Girl will love this!” – Top of the Pops

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