The Jolley-Rogers: The Pirates Next Door

Love The Pirate-Cruncher? Wish your neighbours were pirates? Chuckle at this and imagine the games you could play. Nobody draws pirates like Jonny Duddle. So who better to tell you this story? Laugh out loud at his rhymes, and feast your eyes on his funny artwork. Matilda knows something is up in Dull-on-Sea. (Average age: 67.) All the grown-ups are whispering crossly. Why? Shocking new neighbours have moved in next door. The eye patch. The wooden legs. The grog. The pirate boy. The treasure chest. They’ve had enough! Whatever next? Well, Matilda would really like to play with that fierce little pirate boy…

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    Winner of the 2012 Waterstones Children’s Book Prize for The Pirates Next Door.

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