The LEGO® Movie Storybooks Pair

One is sweet as ice cream. One is smart and sassy. But they both rock our world. Yay: a LEGO® unicorn!!!! The LEGO® Movie is one of the best things ever. Agree? Then you’re going to love this. Two easy readers that retell the best bits from the film as seen by Unikitty and Wyldstyle. First, find out how Wyldstyle met her special One. Then follow UniKitty into a Cloud Cuckoo Land quest. A whole new look at how the LEGO® world was saved, told in colour artwork and exciting character voices.

  • Colour readers with original LEGO® film artwork
  • Written in the voices of UniKitty and Wyldstyle
  • Explore The LEGO® Movie in a whole new way
  • Perfect short books for building confidence

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