The League of Sharks Trilogy

Sci-fi with teeth! Being abducted by aliens is so over. Junk’s sister has been abducted by a sharkman from a future world three million years away… The predators have risen. A girl has been snatched from her bed in the dead of night. What took her? A sharkman: a monstrous beast stinking of the sea. The hunt to find his sister will take Junk into a distant future where humans are extinct. (Problem: monsters are not.) He’ll have to battle lions, morph into a cyborg, play with time and find the secret of life. And it’s all insanely brilliant fun. Who even needs a time machine?

  • Edgy sci-fi for fans of Michael Grant and Scott Westerfeld
  • Imagine The Terminator in a world of evolutionary horrors
  • David Logan used to be a top Hollywood screenwriter
  • His first novel, Lost Christmas, was an instant hit

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