The League of Unexceptional Children

Pssst! Are you average? You know, totally normal? Noticed by no one? Maybe you’d make the perfect spy… You know how life is. Special kids get all the attention. Super smart. Super pretty. Super perfect. Problem: 99% of us are not like that. Like Jonathan and Shelley: two totally average Virginia kids. They’ve never been singled out in their whole lives. So when they’re selected by the League of Unexceptional Children, they’re stunned. They don’t realise how weirdly special they actually are. If you’re truly forgettable, you’re born for espionage. As these two kids are about to find out…

  • Very funny and original take on spy fiction
  • Perfect for any keen reader – average or not!
  • Packed with action, adventure and humour
  • By the author of the popular School of Fear books

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