The Meanwhile Adventures

Mr Mack’s inventing career has got off to a bad start – he’s been arrested! Now it’s up to Jimmy, Robbie, Kayla and Rover the wonder-dog to rescue Mr Mack from prison! But that’s not all. There are also evil orphan-catchers on the rampage, and an army of stroppy slugs trying to conquer the world. How can the Mack children take on this legion of villains AND rescue Mr Mack? Just ask Rover!

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  • Excellent book I loved it really funny made me laugh out loud

    9 March 2014

  • loved it

    Brilliant! So funny like the other two Rover Adventures! You have to read them! A fantastic edition to one of the funniest series I’ve read.

    4 July 2012

  • it was amazing 5 stars i read this book the giggler treatment and rover saves christmas 3 times amazing

    12 August 2011

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  • Photo of Roddy Doyle

    Roddy Doyle

    Roddy Doyle is the author of many acclaimed and bestselling novels: including A Star Called Henry, The Commitments and The Van. This is his third book for children published by Scholastic.


    Roddy Doyle won the Booker Prize for his adult novel Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha in 1993.

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