The Naughtiest Unicorn at Christmas

Is that a reindeer? No, it’s Dave the naughty unicorn. But – hey! Who ate all the mince pies? It’s the week before Christmas. Pull on your jumper and untangle the tinsel! Mira and her friends are ready to celebrate. And for once, Dave the unicorn isn’t being grumpy. Dave LOVES Christmas. After all, there are so many yummy things to eat! Plus there’s a tree to decorate, a festive quest and a special Christmas play to rehearse. Mira is desperate for her and Dave to play the lead roles of Snow Unicorn and the Lost Child. But will her wish come true? Or will Dave get distracted by the mince pies?

  • Festive fun from a best-loved young fiction series
  • Full of quirky Christmas magic at Unicorn School
  • For fans of Pamela Butchart and The Worst Witch
  • Irresistibly funny and appealing short young fiction

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