The New Bum Series!: I've Broken My Bum!

Some people are perfectly happy with the bum they’re born with. But not the young hero of this book! In his last bestseller, I Need a New Bum!, he was hunting for a better bottom. Now he’s back – and this time he’s accidentally glued a serving tray to his rump! Is this a bad thing? No – it’s awesome! His new bum is great for sliding down hills, surfing big waves and other silly games. The only trouble is, he’s making people jealous. Hmm – how much fun could you have with a broken bum?

  • A sequel to bestselling favourite I Need a New Bum!
  • Children will be tickled silly by this cheeky delight
  • Perfect for young fans of The Dinosaur That Pooped
  • Dawn McMillan is a Children’s Choice Award winner

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