The Ones That Disappeared

Who can you call when trouble strikes? Forget calling home or dialling 999. The kid slaves in this book have no one to help them. Only a magical man made of mud… Esra, Miran and little Isa have escaped from a ruthless gang. But they’re not free – not yet. Miran has been captured by the corrupt police. Now Esra is all alone, looking after Isa. Hiding in the shadows of the forest, she meets a local boy with his own story. Together, they start to build a man: a man made of mud. A saviour who’ll come to life and lead them through a dark labyrinth of tunnels. Until, one day, they have the courage to break free and step above ground…

  • Skellig meets Trash in this gritty and beautiful story
  • A magical and poignant tale which explores child slavery
  • By the fresh new voice who brought you The Bone Sparrow
  • The Bone Sparrow was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal

This book contains mature content more suitable for older readers.

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