The Peppermint Pig

When their father goes to America to seek his fortune, Theo and Poll Greengrass are sent to live with aunts in rural Norfolk. They can skate on frozen ponds and have fun at the country fairs, but they miss their father, and things aren’t quite right. But then they find Johnnie the piglet: the runt of the litter, a little ‘peppermint pig’. He costs only a shilling, and is so small he can fit into a pint glass. But his great naughtiness and cleverness keeps Theo and Poll cheerful through the most difficult year of their lives…

Commended for the Carnegie Medal, this is a touching, classic story of family and friendship by the author of Carrie’s War.

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  • loved it

    This book is really touching and it’s set all long time ago I always love tradtional old fashioned stories and this has to be one of my favourites. This book is quite funny to and is full of mischief.

    21 June 2013

  • loved it

    i loved this book my favorite part was when the little girl got asked to sit under the table and the mum and dad had an argument,because her dad was going to work in america GREAT BOOK!!!!!!!!

    10 January 2010

  • liked it

    This is quite a good book, but the start is a bit hard to understand, and i had to read it more than once. I think you need to know a bit about the period of time it is set in befor you read it, or you’l be toatly lost. I liked the storyline because it wasnt too dramatic, but things still happened in it unlike alot of childrens books. So it is definatley worth a read.

    Liv <3

    23 October 2009

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    Nina Bawden won the Guardian Children’s Book Prize for The Peppermint Pig.

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