The Phoenix Presents: The Mystery of the Crooked Imp

When David Wyatt illustrates a book, we get very excited. But what about when he illustrates an entire graphic novel in full colour? It’s like a million fireworks lighting up your brain! Welcome to Port Fayt: city of fantastical creatures, magic and skulduggery. As the clocks strike midnight, a gang of fairies ambush a stagecoach. Their prize – a baby boy. Who is the secretive criminal behind this dark deed, known only as the Crooked Imp? If you like pirates, Discworld or Dungeons and Dragons, this book = heaven.

  • A quality graphic novel from top artist David Wyatt
  • Based on a comic strip from The Phoenix magazine
  • The Phoenix features top authors like Philip Pullman
  • Perfect for reluctant readers and fantasy/comics fans

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