The Phoenix Presents: The Pirates of Pangaea

Dinosaurs plus pirates! Pinch yourself: are you dreaming? No – they really meet in this lunatic mashup. Graphic novel perfection! Welcome to the year of 1717, and the newly-discovered island of Pangea. It’s the scariest place on Earth, where deadly dinosaurs still walk. Now Sophie has been sent to Pangaea to stay with her uncle. She’s a little nervous about being eaten by dinos. But nobody warned her about the cut-throat pirates! How will she escape from the lawless Captain Brookes? (Psst: the cover art might provide a little clue…)

  • A thrilling graphic novel full of dinos and danger
  • Based on a comic strip from The Phoenix magazine
  • The Phoenix features top authors like Philip Pullman
  • Perfect for reluctant readers and fantasy/comics fans

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