The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club Pair

Just right to curl up with! What should the perfect adventures have? Witches? Unicorns? Dinosaurs? These fantasy quests have all that and more! Join Stella Starflake Pearl and a bold team of adventurers as they trek across great mountains and snowy wilds. First, Stella heads off to the Icelands in a winter adventure where every word sparkles. But this isn’t your usual trip to the North Pole. Sure, it’s got bears. But it’s also got frost fairies, snow queens, unicorns and dinosaurs! And when that adventure ends, another one begins with a crazily dangerous quest to the scary Witch Mountain…

  • Brilliantly imaginative and thrilling fantasy quests
  • Perfect for fans of Northern Lights and Emma Carroll
  • Full of strange creatures and wild, dazzling landscapes
  • Alex Bell is the acclaimed author of Frozen Charlotte

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