The Powerpuff Girls: Brain Freeze

Meet the Powerpuff Girls – cute, fierce and saving the world! (In between eating ice cream.) The Towsnville Ice Cream Parlour is holding a contest to create a new flavour. Trouble is, the girls can’t agree on what the new flavour should be. Blossom wants a classic vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. Bubbles wants a triple-fudge extra-chocolate oozy-caramel delight. As for Buttercup, she wants …pizza flavour! Yuck/yum! But while the girls have their minds on sweet treats, Mojo Jojo has a not-so-sweet plan to destroy the Powerpuff Girls once and for all! Mwa ha ha! Look out for his monsters…

  • Fun-filled easy reading for fans of the TV show
  • First in a fantastic new series of books to collect
  • Appealing blend of humour, sweetness and action
  • Inspiring can-do role models for girls and boys

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