The Rescue Princesses: The Snow Jewel

The funky royals are on an ice-cool kitten rescue. Fab fiction for happening princesses! There are boring princesses. And there are Rescue Princesses. If you’ve met these girls, you’ll know what we mean. They do ninja moves. They have magic jewels. And they rescue animals in need. Now the girls are on a winter mission in a snowy northern kingdom. A naughty little kitten has run away. But this time it’s not just a kitten who needs help. It’s another princess. Will you lend a hand?

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    Northeland is the snowiest kingdom the rescue princesses have ever visited.They are delighted to go sledding,drinking hot cocoa,and make friends with the girl who lives there,Princess Freya. When Princess Freya’s mischievous kittens goes missing,the princesses leap into action.They have to find the kitten-even if it means letting Freya in on the Rescue Princesses’ secret.

    27 June 2015

  • loved it

    i love this book 5 STARS

    4 November 2014

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