The Return of Sproutzilla

The Return of Sproutzilla

Aaaargh! Mean, green Sproutzilla is back on a new mission to destroy Christmas. But watch out! This time he isn’t alone… Jack and Ruby are busy getting ready for Christmas when Santa’s little elves rush in with terrible news. Poor Santa has been kidnapped by stinky Sproutzilla and his vicious veggie gang! Can Jack and Ruby rescue Santa from this sinister sprout and his menacing buddies, Broccolisaurus and Tyrannoparsnip Rex? If they don’t hurry, the villainous veggies will ruin all the festive fun. Unless someone can show Sproutzilla the joy of Christmas…

  • A hilarious follow-up to Sproutzilla vs Christmas
  • Bursting with cheeky giggles and exuberant artwork
  • Written by Dead Ringers comedy writer Tom Jamieson
  • Ideal for fans of The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas

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