The Revenge of the Ballybogs

The ludicrously funny sequel to The Curse of the Bogle’s Beard. Finally free of devious bogles, Barnaby Figg and his parents are happily working at Granny Hogsflesh’s Pickle Factory. But when Barnaby’s mum goes missing, along with the pickled remains of Belchetta Ballybog, it can only mean one thing. The bogles want revenge for Belchetta’s death! In order to rescue Mum from their horrid and gruesome bog, Barnaby must brave many tortuous terrors. Including: dark bogle family secrets, dangerous beetroot, the suspiciously interfering Ladies Pickled Institute… and more devilishly disgusting pickles than ever before!

“You’ll laugh, you’ll squirm… you’ll never look at pickling the same way again. Great stuff.” Guy Bass

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  • liked it

    i really want to read this book!!! :(

    8 March 2015

  • Really funny book read it over and over again

    9 March 2014

  • Its funny when Barnaby makes friends with his bogle relatives. liked it.

    7 March 2014

  • Another fire cracker! Just like before this is momentously great! I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm loooooooooooooooooving it!

    2 March 2014

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