The Roman Mysteries #2: The Secrets of Vesuvius

It’s the summer of AD 79, and Flavia Gemina the sea captain’s daughter and her friends Jonathan the Jewish boy, Nubia the African slave-girl and Lupus the homeless beggar-boy set sail for the Bay of Naples, to stay with Flavia’s uncle near Pompeii. They are soon absorbing in trying to solve a riddle that may lead to treasure. But then tragedy strikes – Mount Vesuvius erupts and the children are fleeing for their lives, in one of the worst natural disasters ever recorded. Not just a mystery – an absolutely thrilling action adventure that makes you feel you were there!

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    Didnt really like this

    9 March 2014

  • loved it

    Brilliant! to find out what it is like. you will have to read it your self.

    11 April 2011

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