The Secret Garden

Newly orphaned Mary Lennox is sent from India to live in her uncle’s gloomy mansion on the wild English moors. She is lonely and lost, and has no one to play with – until she learns of a secret garden hidden somewhere in the grounds, where nobody is allowed to go. Then Mary uncovers an old key in a flowerbed, and is led by a gust of magic to a hidden door. Slowly she turns the key… and enters a world she could never have imagined. Now with a heartwarming introduction by Sophie Dahl, this spellbinding classic will take your breath away.

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  • loved it

    I think it’s a lovely story

    25 January 2015

  • I love classics. Mary Lennox is the best!

    8 March 2014

  • Best. Book. Ever!

    7 March 2014

  • loved it

    Such a beautiful classic has to be one of my favourites. I also love the film!

    6 March 2014

  • liked it

    The secret garden is a classic tale of a girl called mary, who’s parents die of cholera in india and she has been sent to mistlethwait manor in yorkshire. This books is one of those books that when you start reading you find it impossible to put it down! I would recommend this book for readers aged 8-12

    8 March 2013

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  • Frances Hodgson Burnett

    Frances Hodgson Burnett was the author of classic children’s books like The Secret Garden.

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