The Secret Kingdom

Gabar wheeled around to see a crowd of thin green creatures creeping towards him. Their wet hair dangled, their red eyes flashed and their long arms swung like slimy vines.

Far away in a secret forest kingdom lives Timoken – a prince blessed with magical gifts. He can conjure rain from the air, talk to animals and fly high in the sky. But when his peaceful land is attacked by shape-shifting foes, Timoken and his sister are forced to flee. Protected only by an enchanted cloak woven from a magical moon spider’s web, they set off in search of a new kingdom: a new home. When Timoken saves three leopard cubs from a hunter, they become enchanted too, and swear to protect him. But his powerful, ruthless enemies are always just a breath behind him. They want the moon spider’s cloak. And they will do anything to get it… Prize-winning storyteller Jenny Nimmo weaves a true web of enchantment in this brand new magical fantasy.

“Jenny Nimmo writes with incredible vigour and passion.” Guardian

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  • loved it

    It was basically about what happened before Charlie bone. It was a very good 5/5 star book.

    21 June 2014

  • I really liked this adventure book iliked timokens powers with the flying and the rain me personalky I would liked ti cintrol all the eleents fire ,watet ,earth and air but this book is still a great book

    8 March 2013

  • liked it

    I was unsure if I would enjoy this when I first picked it up. Really pleased I read it. Always a new adventure. If you enjoy this I reccomend ‘The Snow Spider’ also by Jenny Nimmo.

    Ages 6 – 14

    23 October 2012

  • This was an exciting and fast moving book filled with action and adventure. The story was set in a magical kingdom full of creatures beyond my wildest belief. Most of the characters were believable but some were very extravagant. I would recommend this book to anyone aged ten and up.

    George, age 11

    31 May 2011

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  • Awards

    Jenny Nimmo has twice won the Nestle Smarties Prize for The Snow Spider and The Owl Tree.

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