The Sisters Club

“Being in the middle is like being invisible.”

Stevie feels like she’s the glue holding her family together. Boss Queen Alex is so wrapped up in her school play – and the leading man – that she doesn’t have time for her sisters anymore. Is this the end of their special Sisters Club? Or can middle sister Stevie save the day? A fabulous, touching tale of the ups and downs of sisterhood, guaranteed to make you laugh and cry.

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  • loved it

    asome book

    15 July 2010

  • This book looks fab ;)

    6 March 2010

  • loved it

    I haven’t read this book yet, by the reviews and reading the first page it looks pretty good, —-——- Flopsybunny10 —-—-—-— xxxxxx

    5 March 2010

  • OMG!!!! you have to tell me about this book because it is my fave author( she wrote one of my fave books!)

    :) read my reveiws :P

    2 March 2010

  • loved it

    THIS BOOK IS FAB I REALY i realy enjoyed tells you the ups and downs of sisters.

    13 May 2009

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